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MEL Preparation Services

A Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is an FAA approved document that allows an aircraft owner/operator to obtain relief from the Federal Aviation Regulations to operate an aircraft with certain installed item(s) inoperative.

Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs) are typically required for operations under 14 CFR 91K, 121, 125 and 135.  For 14 CFR 91 Turbine Operations, 14 CFR 91.213 states that  that all installed equipment must be operational unless the Operator has FAA authorization, typically in the form of a Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

Wilding Air can prepare a custom Minimum Equipment List (MEL) – either 14 CFR 91, 121, 125 or 135 – Individual Aircraft or Fleet Aircraft – for you typically within as little as three business days after receiving a complete application form and supporting documentation if/as required. We then express ship the manual directly to you. As the operator of the aircraft you are required to read, understand, sign and submit the manual to the FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) nearest to where the aircraft will actually be based. Wilding Air will continue to work with you throughout the process for no additional charge and complete any documentation changes if required and / or as appropriate per your FSDO requests. If outside the United States, then your MEL must be submitted to the appropriate FAA International Field Office (IFO).  Contact us today to get started!


  • MEL Preparation Service from $695.00 (Pistons, Turboprops, Jets to ~14,000 lbs mgtow)
  • MEL Preparation from $895.00 (Jets to ~ 34,000 lbs mgtow)
  • MEL Preparation from $1295.00 (Jets to ~ 80,000 lbs mgtow)
  • MEL Preparation from $1495.00 (Jets to ~ 120,000 lbs mgtow)
  • MEL Preparation $call (Airliners)

Multiple aircraft operation fleet discounts are available!

MEL Payment

MEL Application Form

Word Doc Application – click here to download
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Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Example

This includes the Minimum Equipment List (MEL), Operations (O) Procedures, Maintenance (M) Procedures, and regulatory references / summaries as applicable.  When ever possible, we try to use manufacturers O & M Procedures.  If we do not have a current copy of manufacturers O & M Procedures, the Operator will have to supply it.  Non Essential Equipment and Furnishings (NEF) lists / manuals are also available.  We provide revision services if requested / initiated by the Operator, contact us for pricing after the first year for formal revisions based on future MMEL’s.  Administrative related revisions are complementary for the duration of the Operator.
Aircraft Minimum Equipment Lists

We have Minimum Equipment List(s) for the following types of aircraft (and aircraft within the same type) listed below. If you don’t see your aircraft listed, contact us and we can probably add it to our list!

MEL Bombardier
Challenger 300/350 BD-100-1A10
Challenger 600 CL-600
Challenger 601 CL-601/1A/ER
Challenger 601 CL-601/3A/ER/3R
Challenger 604 CL-604
Challenger 605 CL-605
Challenger 650 CL-650
Global Express BD-700-1A10/1A11
MEL Dassault Falcon
Falcon 10 DA-10
Falcon 50 DA-50/EX
Falcon 900 DA-900B/EX
Falcon 2000 DA-2000/EX/LX/2EASy
Falcon 7X DA-7X
Falcon 8X DA-8X
MEL Sikorsky
Sikorsky 76 SK-76
MEL Boeing
Boeing 727 B-727/200
Boeing 737 B-737/400/500/700/800
Boeing 747 B-747/400
Boeing 757 B-757/200
Boeing 767 B-767/200/300
Boeing BBJ BBJ1/BBJ2
MEL Gulfstream
Gulfstream VII G500/G600
Gulfstream VI G650
Gulfstream V GV/GV-SP/G500/G550
Gulfstream IV GIV/G400/G300
Gulfstream IV-SP GIV-SP/G450/G350
Gulfstream III G1159A
Gulfstream IIB G1159B
Gulfstream II G1159
Gulfstream I G159
Gulfstream G280
Gulfstream Galaxy G200
Gulfstream AstraSPX G150
Gulfstream Astra G100
MEL Bell
Bell 206 BHT-206
Bell 212 BHT-212
Bell 407 BHT-407
Bell 412 BHT-412
Astra IAI-1125
AstraSPX IAI-1125A
Galaxy IAI-1126
Westwind IAI-1124
MEL Cessna
Caravan CE-208/208A/208B
Citation I CE-500/501
Mustang CE-510
CitationJet CE-525
CitationJet 1 CE-525A
CitationJet 2 CE-525B
CitationJet 3 CE-525C
Citation II CE-550/551/S550
Citation V CE-560
Citation Excel CE-560XL/S
Citation III CE-650
Citation VI CE-650
Citation VII CE-650
Citation Sovereign CE-680
Citation Latitude CE-680A
Citation X CE-750
Golden Eagle CE-421
Chancellor CE-414
All Cessna Twins
MEL Sabreliner
Sabreliner 65 NA265-65
Sabreliner 80 NA265-80

Honda Jet HA-420

MEL Hawker Beechcraft
Kingair 90 BE-90
Kingair 100 BE-100
Kingair 200 BE-200
Kingair 300 BE-300
Kingair 350 BE-350
Hawker 400XP BE-400A
Hawker 600Fan HS-125 600FAN
Hawker 700A HS-125 700A
Hawker 800A HS-125 800A
Hawker 800XP HS-125 800XP
Hawker 900XP HS-125 900XP
Hawker 1000A HS-125 1000A/B
Hawker 4000
Premier I/IA RA-390
All Beechcraft Twins
MEL Airbus
Airbus 318 A-318 Elite
MEL Piaggio
Piaggio 180
MEL Eclipse
Eclipse EA500/550
MEL Pilatus
Pilatus PC-12
MEL Embraer
Embraer 120 EMB 120
Embraer 135 EMB 135
Embraer 145 EMB 145
Embraer Legacy
Phenom 100
Phenom 300
MEL Piper
Cheyenne PA-31T1-500
Cheyenne II PA-31T-620
Cheyenne III PA-42T-720
Cheyenne IV PA-42T-1000
Mirage, Meridian PA-46/PA-46T
All Piper Twins
MEL Learjet
LearJet 25D LR-25D
Learjet 31 LR-31
LearJet 31A LR-31A
LearJet 35 LR-35
LearJet 36 LR-36
LearJet 40 LR-40
Learjet 45 LR-45
Learjet 55 LR-55
Learjet 60 LR-60
Learjet 75 LR-75