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IS-BAO Certification

An IS-BAO certification and audit may seem overwhelming and challenging, but the process is actually not as complex as it seems at firstIS-BAO Certification glance.  Below is a basic summary of the typical process:

  1. Purchase a copy of the current IS-BAO from IBAC, NBAA, CBAA, EBAA, or your local Business Aircraft Association which contains the standards to be met.
  2. Train key company personnel on IS-BAO and SMS.
  3. Educate all company personnel about the IS-BAO standards and recommended practices.
  4. Meet the documentation and procedural requirements of IS-BAO.
  5. Conduct a gap assessment / analysis to see how well your organization conforms to the IS-BAO.
  6. Integrate additional policies, processes, and procedures to correct those areas found deficient based on the gap analysis to conform with the IS-BAO.
  7. Identify hazards and reduce related risks to acceptable levels.
  8. Contact an IBAC accredited auditor to schedule an IS-BAO registration audit.
  9. Review your documentation carefully and ensure your personnel are aware of what is expected from them.
  10. Once conformity is validated via an IS-BAO registration audit, apply for IS-BAO registration via IBAC.

Not sure if your ready yet for a formal IS-BAO registration audit?  We can help with a pre-audit Gap Analysis.  The purpose of an IS-BAO Gap Analysis is to perform an unofficial “audit” against the requirements of the IS-BAO, designed to acclimate your team to the idea of being “audited” and searching out “gaps” in your current processes, training and documentation.   Wilding Air can perform a full IS-BAO Gap Analysis on-site or provide a partial document only based IS-BAO Gap Analysis providing you are able to email us your current, related flight department manuals and documents.  Contact us today with your IS-BAO related questions, we’re here to help!