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We are pleased to announce that we have completed a variety of RVSM SAO CPDLC MEL SMS & FOM manuals and programs for over 2100 Operators, both domestically and world wide! We aid Operators in obtaining FAA authorizations (LOA or OpSpec or MSpec) including A056, A061, B036, B039, B046, C052, C063, C073, D095 & D195.  Flight Operations Manuals that include a Safety Management System are now available, created and customized for each specific operator. We also offer IS-BAO Consulting, Gap Analysis & Auditing services.

Our team over the past 31 years has a wealth of combined aviation experiences.  From commercial airlines, management companies, corporate flight departments, flight schools, maintenance & overhaul facilities, 91, 121, 125, 135, 141, 142 & 145 – You name it, we have probably dealt with it. Customer satisfaction is one of Wilding Air’s top priorities.  We strive to keep all projects on time and on cost.  If you need help on an area we have not identified, please let us know.  There is a good probability we have dealt with it or can offer some suggestions.

As of August 19, 2016, RVSM authorization was revised for all Operators. The FAA removed a lot of the RVSM Maintenance Program requirements. On January 22, 2019, RVSM authorization was revised again for all Operators that have aircraft which are ADS-B out equipped and have published Advisory Circular 91-85B due to the new 14 CFR 91, Appendix G, Section 9. If you are only operating within domestic airspace and not overflying other countries and / or no further than 12nm from the shoreline, you will not need a RVSM LOA or OpSpec or MSpec if the aircraft is ADS-B out equipped. All of the other RVSM requirements remain in effect (i.e. pilot training, height monitoring, maintenance etc.)  If you are operating outside of US domestic airspace, you will probably need a RVSM Letter of Authorization or Operation Specifications for RVSM airspace. Please review our RVSM FAQ page for additional information.  Contact us to obtain your RVSM Letter of Authorization / Operation Specifications with these new changes.

Wilding Air is here to help you comply with regulatory guidance from start to finish, and beyond with RVSM SAO CPDLC MEL EFB SMS & FOM manuals and programs. We are committed to being the leader in corporate / business and commercial aviation related technical documentation services and compliance by providing our customers an exceptional unparalleled experience.  It is above all the mission statement of Wilding Air to provide documentation, consultation, and expertise within the aviation related core values of safety, quality, integrity, and value.


RVSM Manual

Special Pricing from $795

Ready in 1-3 business days! This includes traditional RVSM. Full International Special Areas of Operation (SAO) coverage to include RNP & NAT-HLA and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)  also available!

iPad EFB Manual

Special Pricing $795

iPad EFB Manual. Save time on paper based navigational revisions. A must have for every 91K, 125 & 135 company and operator. We can create a training program and operational procedures to obtain A061 EFB authorization.


Special Pricing from $695

Minimum Equipment List with Operations & Maintenance Procedures. Customized for your specific aircraft. NEF Programs are also available.

FOM SMS Manual

Special Pricing from $1495

Flight Operations Manual combined with a SMS Program. Customized for each flight department, based on industry best practices, compliant with IS-BAO standards & ICAO Annex 6, Part II.


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