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MEL Manual Content

The Minimum Equipment List you must submit to your FSDO or IFO for acceptance includes the following content containing information in a standard readily accepted FAA format.

The MEL Manual Content is created by starting with the FAA Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)  and then modifying it as appropriate and applicable for your operation and aircraft.  A MEL can contain the same items as a MMEL or be more restrictive but not less restrictive. We construct MELs based off of guidance contained within FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 4, Chapter 4, Section 2 (91 operators) & Section 3 (91K, 121, 125 & 135 operators)

  • Request for Acceptance to the FAAMEL Manual
  • Administrative Section
  • Definitions list per FAA Policy Letter (PL) 25
  • Preamble per FAA Policy Letter (PL) 34 (121, 125, 135 operators)
  • Preamble per FAA Policy Letter (PL) 36 (91 operators)
  • Minimum Equipment List
  • All Applicable Regulatory References and Summaries as Appropriate
  • Operational (O) Procedures
  • Maintenance (M) Procedures
  • Nonessential Equipment and Furnishings (NEF) Lists / Programs are Available for Additional Cost

Our manuals if necessary or appropriate are printed with high end Canon laser printers using 24 lb bright white paper and inserted into white 3 ring binders.  We typically express ship our manuals to you via Federal Express.

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