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IS-BAO Frequently Asked Questions FAQIS-BAO FAQ

Wilding Air is here to help you answer any IS-BAO frequently asked questions FAQ’s you might have.  If you don’t see your IS-BAO frequently asked question below, let us know!

What is IS-BAO and how do I become registered & certified?

  • IS-BAO stands for International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations and utilizes industry best practices to form the foundation of the program and helps ensure regulatory compliance based on state of registration and state of operation.  Operators that register with IS-BAO are prepared for domestic and international flight operations, usually see a significant reduction in insurance premiums, and sustain a safety culture that has proven to successfully reduce accidents and incidents.  Learn more at Why IS-BAO

How far in advance do I need to schedule an audit with Wilding Air?

  • We request that our clients try to give us a at least a 2 week notification for scheduling the audit.  Since we do offer gap analysis before the on-site audit, we request a one month period in front of the audit to complete the gap analysis and provide feedback to the operator if/as applicable.

Do the findings from the gap analysis get reported on the final audit form?

  • One of the reasons why we love gap analysis is because it gives our operators a chance to fix any issues before the on-site audit.   The findings from the gap analysis will not be reported on the final audit unless they are not addressed.

 How many days do we need to plan for an IS-BAO on-site audit?

  • Operators typically will need to plan for 2-3 days, approximately 8 hours per day, while the auditor will be on-site.  Operators have the option to do an observation flight if scheduling and company policy allows.  If you wish to conduct an observation flight, let us know!

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