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IS-BAO Gap Analysis

Did you ever take a practice exam before taking the real thing? Not only does it mentally prepare you for the actual test, but identifies areas of weakness, or “gaps” in our knowledge or experience or practices. That is what an IS-BAO Gap Analysis is… an unofficial “audit” against the requirements (protocols) of the IS-BAO, designed to acclimate your team to the idea of being “audited” and searching out “gaps” in your current policies, procedures, processes, training and documentation that would be flagged in an IS-BAO audit as “findings”.  A Gap Analysis is perfect for the Operator who is uncertain where they stand, or want to achieve a zero “finding” audit! It is also benefical for the IS-BAO registered Operator that might have had major changes such as new facilities, management personnel, aircraft types or areas of aircraft oeprations in the past few years.  An analysis can also be beneficial when IBAC revises or creates new protocols. 

A Gap Analysis is designed to:

  1. Facilitate the process of ensuring that everyone involved has a common understanding of the purpose, scope and protocols of the IS-BAO registration stage they are requesting.
  2. Review existing documentation, programs, systems, policies, procedures, and processes.
  3. Determine which items meet the IS-BAO requested stage protocols and identify where gaps may exist.
  4. Develop a plan of action with mulitple suggestions to correct the gaps that have been located or discovered.

Wilding Air can perform a full IS-BAO Gap Analysis on-site or provide a partial documententation only based IS-BAO Gap Analysis online providing you’re able to email or share with us your related, current flight department manuals and documentation.  An analysis can cover the whole IS-BAO stage the Operator is interested in as a full system or it can cover specific chapters of the IS-BAO as a partial system.  We can even cover individual protocols or groupings of protocols of the Operators choice.  Contact us today to discuss and schedule your IS-BAO Gap Analysis!

IS-BAO Gap Analysis