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MEL Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Wilding Air can answer all of your MEL FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.MEL FAQ


What exactly is a Minimum Equipment List?

  • A Minimum Equipment List is a categorized list of systems, instruments and equipment on an aircraft which are not required to be operative for flight. Specific procedures or conditions may be associated with operation with the relevant item inoperative. Any equipment or system which is not included in the MEL must be operative for the aircraft to be allowed to operate. Each aircraft model generally has a distinct MMEL which is used to develop a MEL.  The FAA provides a list of MMELs for most aircraft.

Am I required to have a Minimum Equipment List?

  • A Minimum Equipment List is required for all turbine operators other than 14CFR 91 operators. (However it is strongly recommended for 91 operators, otherwise everything within the aircraft must be fully functional!)

Will I need to interact with the FAA during the MEL process?

  • The FAA expects and requires the operator’s involvement in the process. You are required to submit your MEL after it has been prepared by Wilding Air. Also, you may need to communicate directly with your FSDO to resolve open issues during the review process which Wilding Air will help you with if necessary.

I just purchased an aircraft with a MEL, how do I transfer the LOA?

  • The previous owner’s LOA becomes invalid the day the aircraft changes ownership or operator. It must be returned to the FAA issuing office immediately. LOAs are non-transferable. Therefore, a new MEL application package must be submitted to your local FAA office for approval. The FAA treats this as a brand new submission.

What is Deferral?

  • The FAA grants deferral per the MEL only after maintenance personnel or the pilot in command has determined that the aircraft is safe to be flown and that the specific conditions, limitations, and procedures for that item have been accomplished per the MEL. The satisfactory accomplishment of all procedures is primarily the responsibility of the aircraft operator. This responsibility may be delegated to qualified persons when published in the operator’s manual or MEL. These are referred to as M (maintenance) and O (operational) procedures.

How does a MEL work?